About Us

I love to cook!  The kitchen is the gathering place in my home.  When people come to my home, they comment about my tendency to linger in the kitchen, even when I’m not cooking. The kitchen just seems like the best place to be!

My daughter is also developing a love for cooking! She loves to help me in the kitchen,  and she gets excited about making new recipes. She wants to be a chef when she grows up (she’s five, so her career goals tend to change regularly ).  Sounds great, right?  Problem is, she’s picky about everything she eats right now, so she won’t eat, or even try any of our recipes.  My hope is that involving her in the process of cooking  will help her branch out and try new foods.  I’ve been told that she will “grow out” of her pickiness. I hope so, because I really want to be a “foodie” with my favorite girl.

I also love cooking and entertaining for family and friends. It’s an amazing feeling when the people you love and care about have a fantastic time in your home while enjoying great food and drinks!

I like simple recipes that use fairly common, easy to find ingredients.  I hate wasting money on ingredients for a recipe that I’ll never use again, or being forced to visit 10 different stores to find one random ingredient. That being said, the recipes you’ll find on this site are delicious, easy to make recipes, and many will have ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

My inspiration for this blog is my daughter, Chef PickyKid (also the inspiration for the name). My hope is that being a part of this blog will continue to inspire her love of cooking, while developing her love of trying new things!

This blog  is a place to share recipes and ideas, but more importantly, it is a celebration of Food, Fun, Family and Friends! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the site and the recipes, and please share your own recipes and experiences with us!


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