It’s working!

I’ve been working on our food blog for about a month now, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to reflect on the first month of my blog’s existence.

First, I’m REALLY enjoying putting this blog together.  I’ve come to realize that I’m more of a computer nerd than I thought myself to be. I love putting my blog together!  I regularly search other blogs for ideas to improve my site, photos, posts, readership, and overall “cool-ness”. My blog continues to be a work in progress.

I’ve also discovered that I have a newfound interest in food photography.  Sounds silly? Maybe.  But I never comprehended the amount of time, effort, and skill that goes in to taking a good photo of food. It’s just food, right?  It shouldn’t be that hard. But surprisingly, it’s very difficult to take a picture that makes a dish look bright, delicious, and something that someone would want to make!  That’s really the biggest challenge.

Photography captures the essence of a recipe. I understand now that just reading ingredients while looking at a dull, dimly lit picture of an entree doesn’t compel someone to want to try it.  Like the old cliche goes…”a picture is worth a thousand words”.

I’ve also discovered that I have to be more mindful of measuring and time now that I’m posting recipes that other people besides myself will use.  I quickly came to the realization that recipes that use measurements like “a little of this”, and  “a handful of that”, and “cook it till it’s done” aren’t effective ways to describe a recipe to someone that might actually want to make it ! I have to pay special attention to how much of an ingredient I’m adding to a recipe, and watching the clock to see how long it actually takes to “cook till it’s done”.

But on to the main topic at hand.   I started this blog for two reasons; the first was to create a cool place to share my recipes with others.  I have recipes saved all over the house and on my computer, but now I can keep them all in one place.  And when someone asks me for a recipe, I can tell them to check out my blog!

The second and most important reason for creating this blog was to inspire my daughter, “Chef PickyKid” and her love of cooking, and to motivate her to develop a love of trying new things when it comes to food and cuisine.  As I mentioned in the About Us portion of the blog, ChefPickyKid loves to cook, but trying the recipes we cook? Not so much.

How is the path to inspiration working out, you ask? (Well, maybe you aren’t asking, but I’ll tell you anyway).  I am extremely pleased to say that so far, it seems to be WORKING!  She is very much enjoying her new Chef PickyKid persona. She wants to help in the kitchen even more than she did before, and she has even developed a recipe of her own! (I will post her recipe soon).

And amazingly, she is beginning to try new foods! She is by no means a food connoisseur; after all, she is Chef PickyKid.  But she is beginning to branch out.  My greatest hope is that she will grow to be an open minded person who is willing to try new things; whether it’s a new recipe or a new adventure.  Maybe this small gesture is a step toward that goal.

Looking back on the first month of this blog, I would have to say that it has been a success. I’m having fun designing the blog, Chef PickyKid is having fun being part of the kitchen chronicles and trying new food, and we’re both learning a thing or two.

I hope everyone is enjoying our blog and recipes, and that you will continue to celebrate Food, Fun, Family and Friends with Chef PickyKid and Miss Ericka.  🙂


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  1. Congratulations on a month of food blogging under your belt! Welcome to the madness. I’m coming up on one year, let me tell you, it gets more addicting every day. Careful! 😉

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